Labor Finders 2017 Employee of the Year Award: A Pair of Aces

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  • Labor Finders: Announces the 2017 Employee of the Year Recipient
  • Labor Finders: Wins Inavero's Best of Staffing For Eight Consecutive Years: 2010-2017
  • Labor Finders: Receives the Exclusive Diamond Award from Best of Staffing
  • Labor Finders: Rated Significantly Higher Than The Industry Average


PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL-The Labor Finders 2017 Employee of the Year Award contest was extremely competitive. There were many captivating entries that rose to the top of the impressive field of associates. The judging committee, after much deliberation, narrowed the field down to the final two. Each of these associates deserved to win, so the committee agreed that this year Labor Finders will have not just one, but a pair of winners.

Dan Shube, the Chief Marketing Officer for Labor Finders International stated, "Our Labor Finders Employee of the Year award is now in its sixth successful year. This whole concept began when I started hearing stories about the wonderful temporary associates from our branch managers throughout the country."

Managers from both Labor Finders and LF Staffing offices across the country place around 20,000 people to work daily. For the Employee of the Year award, these managers submitted  their best candidates by explaining why their temporary associate deserved to be honored with this inspirational award. Some key points the branch managers touched upon were flexibilty, work ethics, attendance, personal outlook  and the types of jobs, some of whch can be grueling. Other keypoints mentioned if the temporary associte / candidates  made suggestions that saved money, improved safety or if they might have won an employee award while on assignmement and finally, if the temporary associate received permanent placement. Nearly all the top contenders had glowing comments from their employer (the Labor Finders' clients) along with the Labor Finder's branch managers.

Every office has their star performers; but the winner had to be a SUPERSTAR!  Each of the submissions' stories was compelling and some moved the judges to tears; although the judges goal was to find that one perfect employee, it was clear that two people stood out from the rest. Besides the two Grand Prize winners, the judges selected five 2nd Place Winners,  four 3rd Place Winners and in addtion many other nominees were recognized as Honorable Mentions.

Albert Davis from the Laurel, Maryland Labor Finders office illustrated the work ethic, skills, flexibility, integrity and character to be named Labor Finders Employee of the Year 2017. In account manager Charles Elang's submission, he passionately and with precise detail described how Albert is not only a one-in-a-million associate but a true inspiration to his fellow associates.  Clients who are fortunate enough to have Albert working for them immediately request him back because of his strong work ethic.  No matter the job, his skill and enthusiasm stand out. Albert is a man of few words, but he has mastered the art of perfectionism; his actions, always speak the loudest.

Charles went on to say, "Every time I see Albert the following quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. comes to my mind, " 'If a man is called to be a street-sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street-sweeper who did his job well.'" Charles finished his submission by saying, "Here stands a great worker in the name of Albert Davis."

Ricardo Torres from the San Diego, California Labor Finders office illustrated a strong level of flexibility, commitment, integrity, attitude, work ethic and professionalism was also named as Labor Finders Employee of the year 2017.

Branch manager, Tim Hughes started off his submission clearly stating, "They broke the mold when Ricardo was born. You just don't come across people that possess the same level of commitment, integrity, attitude, work ethic and professionalism that Ricardo has."  His first assignment was for a short one-day event set up at the La Jolla Country Club. Ricardo was asked to stay on for two weeks due to his non-stop work ethic.  And so began a pattern with Ricardo. Clients fight over him and every client wants him back, even when the work has been completed.  As is the case with all exceptional workers, Ricardo quickly hooked up on a long-term assignment for a trucking company. Ricardo is responsible for timely and accurate deliveries throughout San Diego County and he is completely responsible for the van he uses daily, along with overseeing the maintenance and storage of the vehicle after his shift is complete. The company has also entrusted Ricardo with a gas card. "We never hear from the client because Ricardo handles it all. He basically manages this account for us," stated Tim.  His attendance is flawless and Ricardo always arrives to start his busy day with a huge smile on his face promptly at 5:00 in the morning. By the way, Ricardo lives in Mexico. He wakes up every morning at 2:00 in order to make it across the very busy international border into the U.S.  Tim finished off his submission by clearly stating, "For all these reasons, I believe Ricardo should be Labor Finders Employee of the Year.

After reading these two wonderful submissions by both Charles Elang and Tim Hughes, the judges had no choice but to select both Albert Davis and Ricardo Torres as our co-winners for the 2017 Labor Finders Employee of the Year Award.

"This year's co-winners each displayed all the characteristics that our customers depend upon Labor Finders associates to provide and both Albert and Ricardo have proven that they go above and beyond for the client," stated Shube.

As co-winners Albert and Ricardo will each receive $1,000 and a commemorative plaque (one for their home and one for the branch office.) Labor Finders managers, Charles Elang and Tim Hughes both won a $100 cash card for submitting the winning entries.

Labor Finders loves to celebrate monumental events and both Albert and Ricardo deserve a true celebration; which is why two top executives from Labor Finders will be on hand to deliver the Labor Finders Employee of the Year Awards to both of these amazing associates. On August 24th, Jonathan Klorfein, the company's Chief Customer Officer will be at the Labor Finders San Diego office to present the award to Ricardo.  On September 26th, Jeffrey Burnett, President and CEO of Labor Finders will be at Laurel, Maryland Labor Finders office to present Albert Davis with his award.

A company is always judged by its employees and from coast-to-coast Labor Finders has the finest employees in the temporary industrial staffing industry and the solid proof is with both Albert Davis and Ricardo Torres, the best-of-the-best throughout the land.


About Labor Finders International:

Since 1975 Labor Finders International, Inc., a franchise company is the country's oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing company in the United States. For eight consecutive years (2010 through 2017), Labor Finders has received top honors in Inavero's Best of Staffing Client competition, presented by CareerBuilder; giving Labor Finders the exclusive Diamond Award. Labor Finders operates almost 200 offices nationwide with a strong tradition of leadership as the country's top name and resource in the business of temporary industrial staffing recently ranked number 46 in the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) prestigious 2017 Largest Staffing Firms annual list for the United States. Labor Finders is a proud member of the American Staffing Association (ASA).

Labor Finders strength comes from the commitment of locally operated staffing offices that consistently satisfy their customers, while demonstrating their core values everyday: Respect, Appreciation and Safety. The mission is simple: treat temporary employees and customers fairly.


Note to Media:

The local media is invited to attend the awards ceremonies for both Albert Davis in Laurel, Maryland and Ricardo Torres in San Diego. For the addresses of both locations and the times of the events, please contact Ceina Klee at 561-273-8226 or at

For more information about Labor Finders and our co-winners, please feel free to contact Celina Klee, the Public Relations Manager for Labor Finders International, Inc. at 561-273-8226 or at In addition, please be sure to check out the Labor Finders International, Inc. website at




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