Employer Testimonials

I am a manufacturer and my products are mostly seasonal. I have used Labor Finders to fill in my staffing needs and their people show up on time, ready to put in a full day's work.  The office manager always sends me the right person for each job.
  - Martin C.  / Raleigh, NC

We have just recently started to ramp up our production on a new line of products and Labor Finders took care of our needs. We will always use Labor Finders.
  - Stacey H.  / Southern CA

As a contractor in the South Florida area and like most contractors, the past couple of years have been tough.  When I had to cut back on staff Labor Finders supplied me with workers when I needed them.  Even now with business picking up, I will still continue to use Labor Finders for all my staffing needs.
  - Steven L.  / South FL

I am a retailer and I receive shipments one day a week. Labor Finders has been getting me the same two workers every week for the past year and a half.  These people are reliable and they always come on time. They are like part of our regular staff except that they are not on our full time payroll.  Hopefully soon, we will be able to hire them full time. Thanks Labor Finders.
  - Deborah W.  / Orlando, FL

I am truly impressed by the professionalism of the Labor Finders of Rock Hill, South Carolina office and the quality of people that I had on my teams this week. I have been in business for 5-years and have used many temp services. This is the first time I have been truly satisfied 100%. I really hope I have several upcoming jobs because I will definitely be using your office. The quality of service from this branch is top notch along with the staff are a pleasure to deal with. With the phones ringing and a lot going on they still made my experience a great one. The employees that I had on my team were a pleasure. They listened to everything we asked them to do and they got the work done in a timely manner. That right there is a dream in itself. I want to thank you again, for the wonderful customer service your office has showed me and my company.
  - Kelly H.  /Winston Salem, NC

We have been using this company for a few years now and have been happy with the service. Pricing is fair, invoicing is easy, they respond on short notice and try to facilitate workers best for our trade and project.
  - Rachel R.  / San Diego, CA

Thanks to everyone that did their part making this past weekend successful for our production. All Labor Finders employees showed up when scheduled and did what they were supposed to do. Scheduling people to work Mother's Day weekend was not an easy challenge but Labor Finders came through! Please spread the word to your associates.
- JoEllen T.  / Mobile, AL

Several Labor Finders offices that have been helping my company with its labor, needs some good recognition.  In the Santa Ana office, I want to recognize both Jayde and Maricela and in the Riverside office, both Estela and Jackie. These 4 Labor Finders representatives are absolutely wonderful to work with on a weekly basis. My trucking and installation schedule is dictated by my design clients and is usually very hard to pin down to the exact detail which puts me in a position to be last minute or urgent labor needs. These 4 women work with me, call me and follow up with me. I have been doing this and using labor for nearly 27 years and know that it is challenging for labor agencies to get labor sometimes because, "let's face it" many people out there are lazy. But I appreciate the length in which these ladies go through for my company and why we only have Labor Finders as our temporary labor supplier.                                                           - Robert G. / Southern CA

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